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Welcome to my Home Education (aka Home Schooling) page!

Are you and your child feeling stressed by school and thinking homeschooling might be the answer? Or are you already homeschooling and looking for help and support?

Either way, you probably hate seeing schoolkids dressed like convicts and graded like eggs. As a young teacher, I was specially upset by the way an urchin called Steven was treated - so much so

that I handed in my stick of chalk. I gained a senior lectureship in education, often teaching the simple idea that school can be good - but school can also be very bad.

These days, I focus on authorship and private tutoring, helping schooled and home educated pupils alike - and helping parents to choose between the two options (so please read on!).

'Socialised yes, brutalised no'

One of the reasons for choosing home ed is the feeling that school can damage a child's interpersonal skills. One of the kids in this photo does attend a school and she's confident and socially adept but it's only outside school that she can come fully alive like her homeschooled friend.

A group of children and a lonely child sidelined

Youngsters with special needs or special talents are especially prone to be lonely, bullied or anxious at school. Their badly socialised classmates simply can't connect with anyone outside their own small cliques.

If you already homeschool you'll know that most home educated youngsters get out and about far more than their school-friends.

That's because each local home ed community embraces whole families, and all ages meet and mix in a way that prepares the younger members for life. New home ed families are warmly welcomed and soon enjoying regular meet-ups for study, craft or socialising.

Perhaps we should call it 'Freedom Learning' or 'Learning Together.'

It certainly isn't a cloistered existence!

Living Life to the Full

Older home educated youngsters can take their pick from a range of classes in drama, maths and other subjects offered two days a week in the centre of Norwich. 

And don't forget Norwich's Puppet Theatre, which offers some truly mind-expanding activities. There's live theatre, too. The stars in a recent production The Princess and Curdie are both home educated. See the glee on their faces in this open air scene - much better than being stuck in a classroom!

Natural Learning

The first few years of each young life, when children are at their mother's knee, is a time of effortless home education. This natural learning spans childhood and teens unless school interrupts it.

Once school is started, breaking with it seems a big step to take, though formalities are next to none. Whether you stick with home ed from infancy or return to it later, it's a major investment in a youngster's success and happiness

You may like to visit my Home Ed Q and A page, or if you'd like a personal answer please just use the form below and I'll be in touch.

Tony D Triggs

A young homeschooled author enjoying the open air

Among my home ed pupils is my resident grandson Elijah (above).

Tony D Triggs, home educator

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